The 2745th Seabee Battalion is a unit of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps. The Battalion is based in metro Atlanta and currently drills at the Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta. The battalion provides a naval and military based organization for young men and young women aged 11-18. With the training and experiences provided the cadets will learn seagoing skills, patriotism, self-reliance, courage, leadership, and discipline.

Our Next Prospective Cadet and Parent Information Session is at 6:00pm Wednesday, at HelpWrite Inc. - 708 Holcomb Bridge Rd, - Norcross, GA 30071

(Call 770 849 9701 before attending)

Our Mailing Address

2745th Seabee Battalion

708 Holcomb Bridge Road

Norcross, GA.   30071

Our Drill Site

Bldg. 78 Clay National Guard Base (Dobbins ARB)

Marietta GA. 30069

United States Naval
Sea Cadet Corps

"Put your trust in God, but keep your powder dry."

Oliver Cromwell

"It is the function of the Navy to carry the war to the enemy, so that it will not be fought on U.S. soil."

Fleet Adm. Chester Nimitz



Naval Tidbits

Rigmarole - From the days of King Edward III of England.  He conquered much of Scotland and forced the Scottish nobles to swear obedience, fealty and allegiance to him, personally.  They signed their names on individual sheets of parchment that were delivered to each one of them, which were then taken back to London.  Once there, they were all sewn together to form a scroll, or 'roll' ('Calling the roll', or 'Roll call' derives from this).  Derided with scorn by rebellious Scotsmen, it was referred to as, "a roll of rags", and the traitorous or weak men who signed it were known as "ragmen".  Then it was referred to as the "Ragmen's Roll", and gradually became the "Rig-ma-role", and now refers to any type of coercive, unpopular, and intrusive government activity..

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